iħ ∂|ψ(t)⟩ / ∂t = H|ψ(t)⟩



Black Sky is a society of thinkers, artists, mystics, and technologists hacking the matrix of subquantum reality to reengineer spacetime. As a society, we look toward and beyond the horizon—10, 20, even 100 years from now—on a journey marked by PsychodestinyPsychodestiny channels individual life paths to influence collective futures positively. It amalgamates insights from panpsychism, consciousness studies, quantum physics, philosophy, and computational science to engineer a timeline towards a free society., where the veil of the present lifts and we peer resolutely into a future where privacy and freedom coexists within a reality where we aim rockets outward to the stars, not against each other.


Our exploratory realm spans internet and computing technologies, meta/physics, knowledge expansion, and peace. We foresee an interconnected network of research & arts centers unified around the Six Tenets of Transcendence, Liberty, Autonomy, Interdependence, Adaptivity, and Resilience.


Post-Web is an emerging vision for the future of internet connectivity that prioritizes local-first, peer-to-peer, private, resilient, and interoperable networks. Privacy and individual sovereignty over personal data are paramount. Additionally, we anticipate the use of multiple cryptocurrencies through a heterogeneous, privacy-preserving financial transport layer. Rather than inventing a new blockchain ecosystem, Post-Web is principles-based and put into motion through a decentralized systems engineering experiment, drawing upon open knowledge and community research as the core of its development process.

We are actively seeking collaboration with researchers, thinkers, and artists that share our vision to help shape the Post-web. Furthermore, we are calling upon the support of individuals and organizations with the capacity to fund our research network. Your financial contributions are crucial to accelerating this experiment.


Developing the field of Psychic Engineering by advancing how technologies are advanced through metaphysical communication with intelligences that cannot be seen or observed traditionally. Additionally, establishing a new science of Irrational Mechanics, to further increase our understanding of, and ability to tweak and shape, the nature of reality.


Mechanism design to support knowledge-centered societies, where creative work will be fairly shared, rather than kept as proprietary intellectual property. Reforming the economy with transformative autonomous organizations, collective intelligence, artificial intelligence, knowledge sharing, and education reform.



Achieving a greater understanding of outer space and humanity's place in it. Advancing the fields of cosmic science and engineering. Becoming spacefarers, contributing to outer space governance, and post-colonial space settlement.



The highest attainable standard of wellbeing for human and non-human species and their social and natural systems. An initial emphasis on food sovereignty, clean water, resource extraction, recycling, and power.



The road towards the next generation of hardware and software for personal, social, planetary, and cosmic computing.


The Six Tenets align people to be a part Black Sky Society specifically when it comes to approaching the Six Topics together. We expect that, over time, we will find allied organizations around our Six Topics, that may have differing Tenets. However, whether one joins a Black Sky Society guild on a longer-term basis is based on alignment with these distinguishing tenets. We don't seek to impose, but to attract.

1. Transcendence: We are like ravens, connecting the physical world to the metaphysical world.

In our society, we recognize and celebrate the universal human quest for meaning, purpose, and transcendence. We do not expect the world at large to conform around our tenets, nor a singular conception of God. Instead, we encourage and support each individual's unique path towards understanding their place in the Cosmos, treating it like a science experiment, and emphasizing how this is important for both personal and societal transformation.

2. Adaptivity: Structured power dynamics tailored to mission, upholding personal freedom.

Our society is built upon the principles of structured and transparent power dynamics, eliminating any notion of exploitation. We strive to establish cooperative commonwealths with diverse leadership and ownership structures tailored to each mission. Unless we are developing an important public goods technology, outsiders don't need to know our leadership internals, but society members do. We uphold the right of every individual to personal freedom and their unique pursuit of happiness, allowing them to adaptively opt in and out of power structures based on their own goals and philosophies.

3. Interdependence: Many actions and thoughts can change reality in drastic ways.

Our society acknowledges the fundamental interdependence that exists within our world. We understand that many thoughts and actions can have opposite reactions, and we are mindful of the interconnectedness of all things. We recognize that technological advancements can also impact food, water, neurological, and ecological systems in general. By embracing this understanding, we communicate and make choices analyzing many dimensions of impact, and opting for the path that contributes to the free evolution of humanity while optimally promoting transformation, balance, and co-existence.

4. Liberty: Only if we believe peace is not impossible, can it become possible.

As a society, we are committed to promoting peace and increased freedom for as many people as possible, with a particular focus on supporting currently disadvantaged groups e.g. nationless or otherwise displaced cultures, regions where people are living under war-mongering dictatorships or where women don't have equal rights. We strive to summon the world where every individual, regardless of background or circumstances, has the opportunity to thrive and lead a free, peaceful, and fulfilling life. We also recognize that you have to be in service to yourself before you have the energy to be in service to others, and that you shouldn't help those who don't welcome this.

5. Autonomy: Directness and honesty is more compassionate than polite people-pleasing.

In our society, we recognize the complexity of compassion. We do our best in cultivating empathy while acknowledging diverse expressions of self, considering neurological, cultural, hormonal, and generational differences. We foster an open-minded environment where everyone feels heard and respect is understood as multifaceted. We engage in difficult conversations and provide necessary criticism directly, viewing this as more genuinely compassionate compared to holding internal truths in and letting them fester. While engaging in challenging discussions to resolve internal conflicts, we opt out of divisive culture wars, maintaining a long-term, systemic approach to addressing social, planetary, and cosmic issues, recognizing that true progress requires sustained effort and understanding.

6. Resilience: We are self-repairing, where stressful events or failures only enable us to grow stronger.

As a society, we acknowledge that life is mysterious and complex, hence can be overwhelming and filled with uncertainty. We foster a culture of resilience, where individuals are encouraged to face adversity with courage, navigate challenges, reach out for support when afraid, and learn from their experiences. We put the pieces together, to learn from each scenario that generated friction, to build a society that minimizes stress as time passes, and thrives in the face of a world that is accelerating faster than we can easily comprehend.

With unwavering determination, we seek to explore the untapped potential of the human mind and the mysteries of the cosmos.